Member Pack Items

In 2024, all of our Essendon members will receive the following items in their core pack:

  • Personalised membership card
  • Bumper Sticker

Recognising the loyalty and commitment of our members is more important to us than ever. In every milestone year of membership, that is every five years, members will receive a member pack bursting at the seams with items that are of a higher quality than ever before. This ensures members can show their pride and passion for many seasons to come.

Members donning the sash for the first time, or re-joining after a few seasons away, will receive a special 1st year member pack to ensure they can show their passion and pride from day one.

For our Junior Members with a Flexi 8 membership or above, we have put together the best member pack in the AFL (at least we think so!) Containing everything a young Bomber could want, it is sure to have them the envy of all their school friends.

Our Junior 4 Game and Insider Members will receive a young Bomber starter kit, with everything they need to show their pride and passion at game day and in the school yard!


Milestone Blocks

Plush Footy

Baby Bomber Certificate


Pet Blanket

Bow Tie


Small Sherrin Footy

Lunch bag

Activity book and pencils


- Key-ring

- Bumper Sticker

- Seat Cushion

- Car air-freshener

Please note foundation members will receive specially designed items commemorating foundation status

- Backpack

- Stress Ball

- Autograph Book