Digital Membership

Digital Membership
6 Monthly $ 41.60

Watch every minute of the 2024 season live and on-demand with a 12-month subscription to Kayo Basic (valued at $420) included in your Essendon Digital Membership. You'll have access to over 50 sports live and on-demand, plus all other Essendon member benefits. Please note that Kayo codes will be sent within 24 hours of purchase.

Package Benefits

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Receive a subscription for 12 months of Kayo Basic (valued at $420)

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Access to the member exclusive First Class content hub

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Member Pack or Member Coupon

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10% off Essendon Merchandise at The Bomber Shop, conditions and exclusions apply

Kayo Subscription Terms & Conditions

Offer only available to AFL Club Digital Members. Must sign up via unique code provided by the AFL or your AFL Club. Excludes sign ups or payments via third parties. One redemption per person. After 12 month Kayo offer ends, subscription will automatically renew at standard Kayo pricing, unless the subscription is changed, cancelled or another Kayo offer is applied. Not available in conjunction with other offers. Kayo is available in Australia only.

Monthly Yearly
Digital Membership $41.60 $250